This Month's Top Seller: Evogen Lipocide IR! [Feb 2022]



This January's top selling product is...EVOGEN LIPOCIDE IR!

Evogen Lipocide IR is a metabolic Accelerator Powder. What that essentially means is that this product is designed to give you a good boost to your energy levels, without giving you that lethargic crash afterwards. But not only that, this product aids with weight loss and fat burning. It does this by curbing appetite, accelerating your metabolism and pushing mental drive.

Evogen products are designed by Hany Rambod, who is nicknamed "The Pro Creator" because he's helped his clients win Olympia titles! He serves as the CEO of Evogen Nutrition, and utilises his degree in Biology & Neurophysiology to create effective supplement products. 

Every product he has designed are all well researched and studied to be effective at what they're aimed to do. 

According to Evogen, the Lipocide IR formulation came from years of finding the right balance of what works on paper in clinical studies and what works in real-life testing. Hany created a balanced formula that would give you that clean energy feels without feeling lethargic.

So lets break down the formula & ingredients of the Evogen Lipocide IR:

Nutritional Value: 

  Per Servings
L-Tyrosine 500mg
Choline Bitartrate 1.3g
Caffeine Anhydrous 250mg
Green Tea Extract 100mg

Di Caffeine Malate




Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract




Gamma Butyrobetaine


Calorie Burn Grains of Paradise


Black Pepper extract



So what does each of these ingredients do: 

  • L-tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is a non essential amino acid, meaning that you don't have to get it from your food. Tyrosine helps in the production of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. Since it is a precursor to those substances, it is considered that it would aid in weight loss by speeding up metabolism. L-tyrosine also helps with mental awareness and is studied to aid performance in stressful situation and help perform cognitive tasks. 
  • Choline Bitartrate: Choline Bitartrate is considered to aid in brain support by aiding memory recall and maintaining neuromuscular function. Choline is also considered to have an important roll in controlling fat and cholesterol buildup in the body. It has even been suggested that choline helps the body burn fat.
  • Caffeine: No explanation necessary, since caffeine is the most famous substance to increase focus and boost energy.
  • Green tea extract: As well as being high in antioxidants, green tea also has weight loss properties. By regulating hormones that can enhance thermogenesis, it will aid your body to burn calories and digest food and produce heat. 
  • Di Caffeine Malate:  Di-caffeine malate is an ingredients that can help prevent crashes from increased. caffeine content in pre-workouts and fat burners. It dies this by trickling caffeine in a long lasting slow release, proving steady energy. 
  • Theobromine: theobromine is considered one of the few natural substances which reduces eating urges and hunger pangs. It may also help to break down the excess fat in the body. Theobromine is also a stimulant and provides increased focus. 
  • Bitter Orange Extract: Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) is known to help with modest weight loss when combined with diet and exercise. It aids fat breakdown, raises energy expenditure and mildly suppresses appetite. 
  • Capsimax: Aids in boosting fat loss and enhances workout performances by influencing metabolic rate and regulating hunger and satiety, blood metabolites, and aiding the thermogenic effect.
  • Gamma Butyrobetaine: Gamma Butyrobetaine is a naturally occuring molecule that aids Carnitine synthesization. Carnitine is an amino acid that helps to break down convert fatty acids in to energy. 
  • Grains of Paradise: As well as being known for it's anti-inflammatory benefits, it also is a great stimulant. The stimulant effect of the grains aids in burning calories and giving you energy.  
  • Black Pepper Extract: Although black pepper extract is usually added to supplements to help with absorption of other ingredients. Black pepper itself can help enhance metabolic performance and may aid in the suppression of fat accumulation in the body. 

So why has Evogen's Lipocide been a best seller this month?

Well to be honest - we have no idea. Maybe people are starting their cutting season now, getting a beach body ready by summer. Or maybe people are just trying to slim down after a very party heavy December. We can't know for a certain, but it is one of the better fat burning products to try, just due to the amount of the thought and studies done in to these ingredients itself!



- Written by Nichal Aracchande

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