This week's product of the week is EHPLabs Oxyshred Non-stim!

It's hard to ignore EHPLabs huge impact on the supplement industry, as they took social media by a storm, and pretty much every fitness influencer were speaking praises of EHPLabs. 

When influencers start endorsing products, it can get a bit difficult to assess whether the product is actually good or if they're paid to endorse the product. Well so far all EHPLabs products have passed our tests, and the products do exactly what it says on the tub. So we've decided to help breakdown the product and it's ingredients to explain why it's product of the week!

Containing ingredients such Acetyle L-Carnitine HCI and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) to help aid the fat burning process. L-Carnitine and CLA has been heavily researched and scientifically validated to help reduce fat inhibition and reduce fat tissue. 

There is also Garcinia Cabogia, an ingredient that aids in reducing abdominal fat and prevents visceral fat. 

All the Oxyshred products come with a full spectrum of B-Vitamins, and the Non-stim is no different. They help the body use your macronutrients for fuel and help brain function and more within the body.  

There is the addition of Theacrine to the formula, which acts through the adenosine and dopamine systems to provide a calming and mild stimulant effect.

Huperzine A has also been added to significantly improve muscle contractions induced by nerve stimulation. 

Additionally L-Glutamine has also been added to the formula, which is an amino acid which helps to recover broken muscles and helps with lean muscle growth. 

Theres many more ingredients too, but just those combination of ingredients will aid in burning fat without any stimulant effects. Stim Free fat burners are not very common, so finding a formula that works well as Oxyshred Stim free isn't easy!