This week's SYXX's product of the week is...Diet MRP by CNP!

As you may know, Meal replacement supplements can be extremely helpful when it comes to reaching your fitness and weight goals. Meal replacements tend to be a cheap and quick way to hit your nutritional targets. We've always loved the CNP Diet MRP - but now it comes in some brand new flavours too!

So why would you use a meal replacement? 

Well it all comes down to energy balance. Energy balance is the amount of energy that comes in and out of your body. Essentially food is the energy that comes in to the body, and the movement and brain power you use on a day to day basis is the energy expenditure. You may have heard the term, "Calories" before. Well calorie is just a way to measure the amount of energy you consume. 1Kcal is equal to 4.184 Kj. 

The more calories you consume, the more energy is provided to the body. If you don't use those calories, they tend to be stored in the body as glycogen and fat. 

If the amount of calories you consume is more than the calories you burn, then your body is more likely to be storing these calories as fat. However if the calories in and out are in balance, then you'll be maintaining weight. And if the calories in are less than the calories burnt, then you'll be losing body fat as you'll be tapping in to the stored body fat for energy. 

So now that we have that covered, lets talk about Meal replacement. There are many benefits to using Meal replacements, the main benefit is usually time efficiency. Those who live a busy lifestyle tend to find it harder to consume good quality meals, so a meal replacement would be better. 

The Diet MRP by CNP, not only is a high protein meal replacement, but it also contains minerals, vitamins, and Digezyme - a digestive enzyme which will help in digestion. It also is low in calories, with it being around 230Kcal per serving. It also contains CLA which is also used for weight management. All this while still being low in sugar!

In terms of taste, theres a range of different flavours - a flavour for everyone! 


- Written by Nichal Aracchande