This week's SYXX's product of the week is...Orange Triad by Controlled Labs!

Orange Triad is one of those products that is used by many but is still somewhat of an unknown underground product. Orange Triad is essentially a Multi-vitamin formula that also aids joint health and supports digestive health. 

Used by serious athletes, this supplement provides support to those who put their body through stress from intense training and cardio. Continued stress can cause significant damage to the central systems in the body that keep your performing at you peak.

Over time, a lack of proper nutritional support can compromise the body's immune system, making it harder for muscles, tendons and ligaments to recovery. Orange Triad's multivitamin formula combines the most effective vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help aid and support digestive health, immune system and joint healing.

The Joint complex in Orange Triad helps to lubricate the joints and cartilage, while the flex compounds increase the resiliency and strength of connective tissue. Digestion support helps provide natural digestive aids, while the immune complex adds nutrient partitioning agents and anti-inflammatories.

-written by Nichal Aracchande